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At WanderStar Creatives, we are committed to our clients’ success. Our approach is to understand their goals and vision deeply in order to build successful media and outreach campaigns.

About Us

Since 2019 we’ve been an influential communications agency dedicated to helping our clients gain exposure to the right audiences. Through a combination of press work, marketing, advertising and events, we have the knowledge and experience to get artists and brands noticed. Contact us today to learn how we can help. 

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Big Coach Artist

Big Coach

"Camille has done a super legit job with helping me grow as an artist, and also has helped me get placements on certain playlists with my marketing plan and rollout strategy for each release. She has been very useful and recently with a couple updates we talked about as a team, we got ourselves on an editorial playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud. Camille is a very great and dope PR Manager and will recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone that will help."

Rallen Music


"Camille’s services have been so helpful. She’s prompt and detailed with her work, planning and executing a marketing strategy so that you can focus more of your time creating your product."

Up Only Token


“Achieving our first milestone of 100 Holders was only capable in the hands of Wanderstar Creatives. As the backbone of our foundations, we were able to execute multiple events with great consistency ever since working together. Their efficiency and professionalism helped us elevate our networks and brand to places we greatly appreciate. Thank you Wanderstar Creatives.”

Aimee Music Artist


“Working with WS creative has been nothing short but an amazing experience. Camille is an amazing manager. Her honesty and drive is what I admire most about her. She really hears what I want as an artist and puts her best foot forward to make the best decisions to deliver genuine quality results. My first single has surpassed expectations and I have no doubt with her help my future releases will follow suit ”

Office Meeting
Kenya Jade

Kenya Jade

"Wanderstar Creatives was professional and so easy to work with. The marketing strategy presented by their team was innovative and effective, garnering an immense amount of  growth for my art"



"Wanderstar Creatives executes precisely and goes above and beyond 4 their artists. Camille herself is very passionate about bringing life 2 one’s vision. She’s approachable & supportive. You can count on Wanderstar.” 

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Based in Toronto, Canada & Dubai, UAE

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