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The Importance of Collaboration

As an artist, It’s hard to get your name out there and find your rightful place in the industry, especially in Toronto, where the city is booming with creatives. While making a name for yourself is an integral part of being an artist, it shouldn’t consume all of your time and energy. Save that for the art!

Luckily, there is a way to build a following while also participating in projects best suited to your brand as an artist. At Wanderstar, we can help you accomplish this by connecting you with a diverse pool of creatives in the city.

Collaborations between artists are known for fueling creative exploration instead of competition. Connecting with other creatives in the city also allows for the opportunity to create groundbreaking works of art or a potential display of the overwhelming amount of talent brewing in our city.

Participating in collaborations can also help you break into your collaborator’s network. When embarking on a collaborative project, both artists can effectively grow their reach through organic and digital promotion, helping both artists reach an audience that is likely to connect with them.

In today’s music scene, we see collaborations with almost every other release, and it’s hard to say if anyone is even counting anymore. Toronto’s beloved Drake is known for his slew of features, a staple element in his repertoire since the beginning of his career. The What A Time To Be Alive album with rapper Future is a notable project that continues to highlight the rapper’s discography.

Additionally, collaborations can help artists build an audience without geographical limitations. Drake’s collaborations with Grime artists from the UK, such as Giggs, Headie One and Skepta, have allowed these rappers to cross into the American hip-hop market.

While collaborating with other artists has its list of benefits, It’s important to know who you’re collaborating with and decide if the project is fitting for your personality. It’s not as simple as taking every collaboration offer that comes your way, especially if you’re a newer artist.

The growth of influencer culture has given rise to the stigma that an individuals’ credibility is questioned or judged when collaborating with other artists or brands. It’s understandable why some people think this way; the endless product plugs we see from our favourite celebrities and influencers on Instagram make it seem like they’ll take any offer that comes with a paycheck.

Toronto rapper, Chromazz briefly speaks about her cannabis-centred business collab with Big Boss Farms in an interview with Box Power in 2020. However, she makes sure to note that she’s not the kind to just put her name on anything. The young rapper displays the mentality of filtering through offers carefully before agreeing to collab, keeping it selective according to her brand image.

Although it’s essential to make sure any collaborative projects are appropriate for your brand, it doesn’t mean all your projects need to be solo acts for them to be considered ‘authentic.’

As previously stated, Toronto is a city full of endless talent. It might initially seem intimidating to network with collaborators and decide what projects are best for you.

In a pool full of creatives, there is a potential for great works of art to emerge from compelling and unique collaborations. Get in touch with Wanderstar Creatives, and we can help you connect with an array of artists like yourself. Through networking, organic and digital growth, and collaboration, we can create something exceptional together.

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