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The Rise of Digital Media: Key Communications Method for Brands and Businesses

Browsing through your feeds across various social media accounts has become an integral part of everyday life for many people. The accessibility provided by social media has surpassed the traditional methods of using the Internet and has since become the most powerful communications medium. Its widespread influence has not only changed the way people communicate but has also significantly impacted the way businesses are virtually run and managed.

From big to small, businesses are experiencing a digital revolution, with social media marketing becoming an essential part of every business plan. Having and maintaining an online presence is vital for growth and success. In today’s business landscape, we are also seeing more companies seek out professionals who are well-versed in social media platforms to take on senior roles within their organizations.

Social media doesn’t just end at Facebook anymore. Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube and Reddit have since become digital staples. More recently, we saw the rise of TikTok, an app full of dances and funny skits that seemed to get many of us through the quarantine. From obtaining your latest news to job networking, It’s clear that social media has a purpose for almost everyone; that’s why it’s incredibly appealing to businesses.

It might seem daunting to stand amongst brands with large followings, but that’s where Wanderstar can lend a hand. Wanderstar can set you up for online success by transitioning your business to digital communications through concise media planning and strategic content marketing.

There are various reasons why we’re seeing an influx of brands and artists create social media profiles. It's a fast, cheap, and effective way for businesses to reach an audience without geographical limitations and allows you to target different demographics. The low advertising costs on social media can help decrease overall advertising costs while attracting potential buyers online.

Additionally, social media is essential for increasing brand awareness. In fact, 60% of Instagram users say they regularly discover new brands and products on the platform.

By regularly posting creative and visually appealing content, you can easily attract the attention of potential customers who initially didn’t know about your brand. No matter what industry your business belongs to, social media gives you the chance to create a lasting impression on the consumer’s mind.

Aside from creating an influential online presence for your business, Wanderstar can also help humanize your brand, allowing target audiences to personally connect with the content, products and services you offer. Engaging with your audience in a way that’s fitting to your brand will create a feeling of trust between the brand and consumer, which can help you lock in a loyal group of consumers.

Digital marketing tools can also help business owners learn more about consumer behaviour. Studying your audience can be done through targeted ads, analytics, customer reviews, and keyword research. It’s imperative to be aware and understand the average consumer’s behaviour when they browse online for this information will help you curate a better online experience for your consumers.

Communication is vital in all aspects of life, and it plays a significant role in growing your brand. Book a consultation with Wanderstar Creatives, and together we can put you and your brand on route to unlimited online success.

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